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Hall of Fame

Holy City Kickball Hall of Fame

Reigning Flipcup Champ: Scissor Kicks "It was very scissory of us to win.  Also, Oooohhhhooo!"

Reigning Ping Pong Champ: Team: Bye Week

Reigning Cornhole Champs: Team: Bye Week

Reigning Darts Champs: Jeremy and Nate (12 in the pink, Stu in the stink

Reigning Beer Pong Champs: Tyler Blackmon & John Suds

Tournament of Champions I - Team: Another Won - Captain: Cheeto

Tournament of Champions II - Team: Pull & Prey - Captain: Sarah Stafford

Memorial Weekend "Kick-n-Flip" tournament champs: Bryan Enis and Cheeto

Team Champs By Season:

Winter Season 2015 - SMOTBWHTY

Beach Season 2015 - SMOTBWHWYP

Football Season 2015 - Snap Me a Kick Pic

Chill Season 2015 - Only in the Bunt

Anniversary Season 2016 (Sundays) - Kickball Lives Matter

Anniversary Season 2016 (Weekdays) - SMOTBWHTY

Beach Season 2016 - Kickolas Cage

Slip 'n Slide Season 2016 - Sit On My Base

Football Season 2016 - Balls Deep

Junga Season 2017 - Cash Us Ousside, How Bout Dat?

Beach Season 2017 - Potentially Wasted

Football Season 2017 - Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

Chill Season 2017 - Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

No Bunt Season 2018 - 13 in the Pink, Stu in the Stink

Comeback Season 2018 - Scissor Kicks

Comeback Season 2018 - TBD 11/18

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